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We want to welcome you to our site and the new revolution! We enourage you to connect with other mentors through our blog and share tips, tools, and your feelings throughout the year! Our hope is that you have an amazing mentoring year and that you find it rewarding as well as beneficial to the mentee. If you have any questions, feel free to come into the Family Resource Center at the school you are mentoring at or call/email us at anytime.

Have a great mentoring year!
Amanda, Contea, and Autumn


Staeshe Collins
10/22/2011 18:27

Hey Ladies,

This is Staeshe (former Program Coordinator @ Meadow View) and I just wanted to say the site looks great and I wish you all well in your VISTA year. I hope you love the program as much as I do!! If you ever need anything just send me an email!



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