Well, folks, it's true! May is right around the corner and the time has been passing so quickly.
This week, April 23-April 27 is packed full of events in the FRCs and full of preparation for testing in the classrooms at our schools. As a result of next week's testing schedules please remember that matches will not be meeting at Woodland and Radcliff. If you've made arrangements at Meadow View to see your mentee, please adhere to those plans.

As of today there is a little under three weeks of school left, and much like the rest of the year, it will pass speedily. Please keep your last meetings in mind and be sure to allow yourself time to complete end of the year evaluations. Also, if you are interested in mentoring next year, be sure to go ahead and fill out a background check form so that in August you can begin meeting as soon as possible.

I know I speak for myself, Amanda and Autumn when I say that none of us would trade our mentors for anything! You've all been great and your dedication is admirable. It's been our pleasure meeting and working with you.

Have a great end of the school year!

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